New: How to make more EAFC Coins every hour with just one click!

From now on, even absolute EAFC beginners will be able to correctly apply the most successful trading method "Overpriced Selling" without much effort, and in the process earn millions of coins. Just one click makes it possible!

Your benefits:

  • Significantly more coins IN EAFC due to optimized sales prices
  • Your personal playerlist is created automatically
  • One click and you save your valuable time
  • Suitable for any budget & any console
  • No trading knowledge is required

Significantly more coins due to optimized sales prices

Without a doubt, the right selling price determines success and non-success in the trading method "Overpriced Selling".

The same player can sell five to ten times more often with an optimized price.

The ÜV-Tool was created with the knowledge of three times best trader in the world Futpepi, who is a master of all the tricks to get more coins with this method.

Thus, you can count on profitable selling prices.

Your personal playerlist with just one click

The basic building block for success with the trading method "Overpriced Selling" is a high quality, adjusted to your budget playerlist.

Normally, it takes many hours to build a working list with your current budget. If the budget changes, the whole thing starts all over again.

With the help of the ÜV-Tool, you can compile a first-class list at any time, with just one click, no matter whether you want to implement the trading method with 100,000, 1 million or even 10 million coins or more.

Simple application

Don't worry, you don't have to be a technology expert or a trading expert. The ÜV-Tool is very easy to use and has an extremely clear structure.

And even if you have an open question, our detailed tutorial videos or our support area will help you.


Start now with the exclusive ÜV-Tool & enjoy more Coins every hour!

How the tool works

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What our customers say

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You decide...


  • Little profit due to wrong selling prices
  • A lot of time spent creating your playerist
  • Wrongly selected players
  • Difficult adjustment with new budget
  • Hardly profitable without experience and knowledge


  • More Coins due to optimized selling prices from Futpepi
  • Create as many lists as you want with only one click
  • High quality list with properly selected players
  • Enter new budget & generate new list in seconds
  • Easy to use & beginner friendly

Frequently asked questions

❓How does the ÜV method work?

In this trading method, a list of specially selected players is created and they are put on the market at an overpriced selling price. If the players sell, a profit is made.

The better the player selection and the sale prices, the more successful the method.

❓On which console can I implement it?

You have all consoles at your disposal.

The tool is always aligned for the latest game version.


❓How many coins do I make with the tool?

In general, the bigger your budget, the bigger the profits!

However, you can easily trade up with a small budget.

Example 1 (100k coins budget):

You sell your players with about 2-3k coins profit per card.

If you offer your list 10-15 times a day and generate an average of 10 sales, you will make 20-30k coins profit a day.

Example 2 (3 million coins budget):

With a larger budget, you buy more expensive players, which then generate significantly more profit.

Here you sell the players with an average of 30-50k coins profit per card.
Then you make with only 10 sales already 300-500k coins a day!

❓Can I also use the tool as a beginner?

The successful application of the method with the tool requires no prior knowledge or special skills.

You will also receive complete instructions in easy-to-understand explanatory videos and additional support, so that no unanswered questions remain.

❓Why is it called "ÜV-Tool"?

"ÜV" is just an acronym for "Überteuert Verkaufen", which is the german word for "Overpriced Selling"

❓How do I get access to the tool?

After you have purchased the product, you will automatically receive an email from Digistore 24 with the access data to the member area. There you can use the ÜV-Tool immediately.

Important note: If you already have access data to the member area from other Futpepi products (Live Trading, Book, etc.), you will not receive new access data.

You will only have to log in to the member area ( with your existing access data.

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