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Step 1

Create partner link

Step 2

Traffic and advertising material

Step 3

Provision kassieren

1. Create partner link

As Digistore24 Affiliate you can easily create your personal partner link for the "FIFA Live Trading". For an optimal performance copy the code and use link shortener like or

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2. Traffic and advertising material

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    3. Tell your personal story/experience with the system and NO aggressive advertising or false promises

    4. Shorten Promolink

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  • - Find relevant Facebook groups (Fifa Trading, Fifa 20 Ultimate Team etc.)
    - For many public groups (advertising desired) you can choose the aggressive advertising path and place your promolinks directly (see template)
    - In closed groups, advertising is usually undesirable and only allowed within the framework of meaningful contributions! Therefore the Promolink will only be added if interested.
    Example text Facebook Groups
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    Closed Facebook Groups
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    Note: Optionally you can also use our ready-made email templates (in progress) and adapt them individually to your target group
  • Youtube Channel

    1. Create a video review of the product and mention how the product helped you and who it is suitable for
    Note: You are allowed to show individual screenshots of the book, but not long, coherent content.

    2. Add your individual promolink to the video description and attached as a comment. You can also mention the link in the video as CTA (Call-to-Action).

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    Youtube Comments

    1. Search on Youtube for topic-related videos (Fifa Trading, FUT Trading, Coins Fifa etc.) with over 3000 views and few comments.

    2. Comment a suitable video and mention how you are successful with the "FIFA Trading Guide".

    3. Use your individual & hoarded promolink and place it as a reply to your comment (see example) so it is not automatically recognized as spam


    Comment under Video:

    Thanks for the helpful video and the simple explanation!

    I have tried extremely hard over the years and wasted a lot of time in the end!

    As usual, I had no "pack-luck" of course and had also put my coal in the sand. Every year anew I had to compete with my cucumber troop against overpowering teams.

    But this year this is definitely over, because now I simply copy the trading strategies of the best trader in the world "Futpepi" and make millions of coins


    In response to your own comment:

    Here you can test the live trading with Futpepi for only 1€: [Own Promolink]
  • Option 1: If you have more than 10k followers, you can use the "Swipe Up" function and link to a story directly on the sales page

    Option 2: If you have less than 10k followers, you can use the "Swipe up" function to link to an IGTV video (e.g. Video Review) and place a sales link to Fifa Live Trading.

    Option 3: You bring traffic with paid advertising to Instagram Story

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